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Creative Counseling

Unveil your hidden potential with the help of expressive arts and creative counselling. We learn through and communicate with our body much more than verbally, often without being aware of that. According to the research by Birdwhistell and Mehrabian, nonverbal communication comprises 65% to 90% of our overall communication. We also process much more with our body than just with our mind. Our body is a powerful and the most original source of healing.

Creative counseling acknowledges the unity of body, mind and spirit, and is aimed at improving your overall health and well-being. It includes holistic interventions from:

  • Gestalt therapy

  • ecotherapy

  • dance/movement therapy

  • music therapy

  • drama therapy

  • art therapy

  • writing therapy

I have been engaged in expressive arts since the 80-ies. This included dance, theatre and music. I was a stage director and an actor in a theatre group and have been practicing Cuban, African and Afro-Cuban dances since over 20 years along with Qigong, yoga and modern dance. This resulted in the research on dance and well-being I did at the University of Derby, UK. I apply research findings and a specific set of exercises and interventions, which I developed out of my long-term experience as researcher and practitioner of expressive arts. I also use visualisation as one of the relaxation techniques, along with therapeutic writing interventions that grew out of my experience in writing poetry and prose. I am a member of the American Counseling Association and its division The Association for Creativity in Counseling along with the American Dance Therapy Association (International Affiliate) and the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy, and engage in continuous learning.

I particularly focus on the discovery of hidden potential, sensory opening activities, developing and enhancing embodied self-awareness, which is pivotal in treatment and prevention of many mental health issues and traumatic experiences. My interventions are grounded in profound research, i.e. Laban Movement Analysis, Fogel's research on embodiment, Authentic Movement developed by Whitehouse and Adler, improvisation theatre, Selye's research on stress, relaxation techniques, Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory (SRRS), etc. I am also experimenting with further research insights like Malchiodi's research on trauma and expressive arts, Porges' polyvagal theory, Indiana University Kinsey Institute's research on traumatic stress and human sexuality along with Desjardins' Sexocorporel approach.


I have been using Gestalt for a long time, which is an experiental, holistic and relational as well as a profoundly embodied approach. The client is accepted non-judgmentally in an equal relationship and the interaction is focused on the here-and-now. The client is seen in their totality of body, mind and spirit, along with their environment. Gestalt approach emphasises having an embodied presence and increasing awareness of what is being experienced in the moment. It often leads to stunning and helpful insights. 

The concepts mentioned have in common the view of the whole person that includes their physiology, cognition, emotion, and relationships, and thus body, mind, spirit, and environment.

Creative counselling would help you in:

  • improving your health and well-being

  • coping with your stress related issues

  • connecting your body and mind 

  • being more and doing less

  • defreezing and becoming unbent 

  • enriching your self-expression 

  • increasing your multisensory awareness

  • understanding suppressed parts of your personality

Movement is an external expression of your internal world. Healing power of dance, movement, rhythm, and other expressive arts will help you in connecting the external and internal worlds of your personality into a whole. It will help you feel and express yourself in a more balanced way. 

For an initial free of charge, confidential in-person conversation, please reach out to me via phone +41 78 910 25 73 or email and we will talk over your personal question and individual situation. 

Please have a look at my publications on the influence of dance and other expressive arts on health and well-being in the News & Thoughts section.

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